Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is Ascension

All spiritual traditions have spoken of the ultimate goal of meditation.

It has been called Enlightenment; Self Realization; God Realization; Nirvana; Cosmic Consciousness; Mukti; Christ Consciousness; Buddhahood; etc.

Currently, the term "Ascension" is emerging in our collective consciousness to refer to this goal, so we will use that term for consistency. What, then, is Ascension?

Ascension is: The goal of our individual evolution, and the collective evolution of humanity... it is each soul's destiny. The highest level of consciousness available to us... permanent union with our Higher Self and the Universal Spirit... oneness with all Life.

Becoming our highest possible self....gaining the full use of our creative and spiritual powers. Raising our vibration and shifting our perception from limited physical reality to limitless spiritual reality.

Awakening our inner senses and completing construction of our Spiritual Body, aka our Light Body... thus gaining access to higher spiritual worlds. A state of permanent peace, joy, and freedom from limitation and suffering.

Becoming an instrument of Universal Light, Love, Wisdom, and Power. Playing a greater role of service in the Great Cosmic Plan. Taking our place among the assembly of Ascended Beings from all cultures who have reached this evolutionary pinnacle.

Coming Home. Preparing for Ascension Planet Earth and humanity are currently going through an extraordinary shift in consciousness... a quantum leap to a higher, more enlightened state of being. We can go with the flow of this evolutionary stream by preparing ourselves for ascension to the next level of consciousness. Or we can resist the shift.

For those who choose to go with the evolutionary flow, here are some valuable tips to help you prepare for your ascension. Connect with your Inner Spirit daily... in silent meditation or prayer. Stay in the Light. Remember to shift your attention often during the day... from externals to the light of your calm Inner Spirit.

Practice spiritual non-attachment. The more weight you give the world, the heavier it is to carry. Strengthen your energy circuits...through regular exercise, or subtle body exercises, like Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, etc.. Keep your chakras - your spiritual energy centers - clear...through meditation & other transformational tools available for this.

Attune to your higher guidance, Learn to commune with your inner teachers & guides for insight, encouragement & guidance. They are always available to you... just beyond the door of your heart. Lighten up Regular meditation & other spiritual practices refine your energy, accelerating construction of your Light Body.

Be receptive to your body's wisdom, regarding what you eat. Remember to take life lightly. Ascension Meditation , The following meditation is designed to simulate the experience of Ascension. It makes use of creative visualization and imagination.

Sit comfortably, reasonably straight. Visualize your Higher Self as a human-sized form of brilliant golden-white light just over your head. Imagine yourself slowly rising to merge with the Light of your Higher Self... your entire being transformed to brilliant golden-white light.

Visualize your surroundings becoming brighter and brighter, until there is nothing but a sea of golden-white light... an ocean of Spirit. Imagine your consciousness expanding, becoming one with this ocean of Cosmic Light. Remain immersed in the Ocean of Light until you come out of the meditation.

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