Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Sacred Love of Twinflames and Twinsouls

The Sacred Love of Twinflames and Twinsouls

More about the Twinflames and their pains, love and sufferings .... to reach the onenessHence, God is asking for the return in consciousness of Twin Flames. This is a special dispensation for they have never been allowed to join until such time as each complementary half had risen to the pure vibration of love.

Those beings called to this reunion will be of a certain level of consciousness who have agreed on some level to restore the cosmic DNA patterns the original divine blueprints of the immaculate concept and anchor it in this dimension.

The birth of the Real Twin Flame energies on Earth is the most important, most critical ingredient to the transformation of this world, for they are on the leading edge of returning the Christ consciousness to the individual soul.
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