Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twin Flames

And Most Importantly!
Twin Flames are Co-Creators!

Twin Flames have the ability in the act of lovemaking to blend, meld as if they were in non-physical bodies. They create of their divine connection a third energy. The third energy is created from their divine masculine and feminine and they learn very quickly how to circulate it through their body.

Twin Flames are the physical embodiment of a male and female relationship. The reason being that in their blending and melding in the act of making love they combine the seminal fluid of the male and female which is raised up in vibration to an essence energy which is than circulated through the body. In other words they give birth to their divinity.

Twin Flames will have incorporated into themselves 12 energetic essences or energy bodies which in turn will awaken and quicken their 12 DNA strands which in turn within a few short years of their twin flame relationship blossom into a 12 chakra system.

It takes years for a twin flame couple to be able to hold in balance the light and love energy that pours into their chakra system.

The biggest problem that twin flames will have throughout their lives is having a balance of the body, mind, & spirit because twin flames are in a constant state of perpetual growth and evolution. They can however get hung up on deeply ingrained belief systems which will limit their ability to disseminate love, light and multidimensional states of consciousness.

All symptoms will not unfold all at once but will become apparent within the first two years of the relationship.

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