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Twinflame article

Twin Flames
by Lady Dyanna, Ph.D

I have looked at lots of information on Twin Flames, Soul mates and Karmic partnerships. I want to focus on Twin Flame Relationships. A twin Flame relationship is brought about when one soul shares two bodies.

There are two obvious reasons why Twin Flames seek each other out , one is for the reuniting of the two souls into one , the other would be the creating of Divine Love ; which is the greatest power in the Universe.

For most who find themselves working on a Twin Flame relationship, this is meant to be your soul’s last visit to this reality. Each time a Twin Flame relationship works as it should , it goes a long ways toward correcting the balance in this reality.

Because the balance in this reality has so obviously tilted to the side of Chaos and Negativity, what should be a joyous reunion between souls have become an uphill battle all the way.

The Twin Flame relationship is different in that the relationship starts with soul recognition. Usually the body that the souls occupy is nothing like what you would seek as your "ideal mate" the person may be shorter, chubbier, different nationality or faith than you would normally be attracted to etc...

The first hurdle to be leaped then is recognizing your Twin Flame despite the fact they don't fit in the “ideal mate" category. The key to being able to do this is by being connected to the primary players in this relationship which is the Souls/Higher Selves.

Without that connection, the ego will spring up after a very short time and remind one or both of the people involved of the "differences” allowing for influence by chaos. Now the real fun begins as one of the people involved recognize the relationship for what it is while the other one believes that the intense feelings and emotions stirred by the initial coming together of the two souls is a fluke.

So influenced by the Chaos that flows regularly around us he/she heads of to pursue more worthy endeavors dragging an unwilling Soul/Higher Self along for the ride. When the Higher Self/Soul is able to get through to the body again it usually restores communication or connections with the one who is the other half of it's Soul,. Hence the beginning of the "dance" which can go on for months or years.

The body comes with a Primary Guide as well as other guides who influence the decisions of the body. Unfortunately, not all of the guides are interested in the same things for ones life, and if any of the guides are dark they tend to lead the body on a merry-go-round. This makes the other half of the Soul doubt the connection because at times they feel the connection between the Souls and at other times it is as if they deal with a "total stranger" who can be hostile even.

This is usually an indication that the "body" is not being guided by the Higher Self/Soul. This is the only explanation that makes sense when some one who declared and showed his/her undying love and passion suddenly turns to you and say " I am not the one for you"" I don't want to be with you" " I don't love you" it is like dealing with Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Now all of the reading I have done on Twin Flames do not describe this phenomenon which is unique to Twin Flames. When this behavior occurred with a “soul mate” one is able to feel that the connection is no longer there and move on. Their hearts release the other person readily and there is awareness that the time together is ended.

With Twin Flames, many times I get the question “am I just obsessed “ which comes when the person thinks they should no longer feel any emotions in the situation because they have gotten little encouragement from the other party who appear to have moved on with their lives etc..

Usually in a Twin Flame relationship I have found that one of the persons involved have a better connection with their Soul/Higher Self which keeps the feelings alive. Since this relationship is primarily a connection between two souls , if one of the bodies is a five sensory being it is harder for the Soul to direct that body to acknowledge the connection as it is continuously looking for the “ideal mate” on a physical level and ignoring the Soul connection that it feels.

The other issue is because many ego driven individuals must compare every experience to the past to check its relevance in the present they have nothing to compare a Twin Flame relationship to so they simply push it aside as not “valid”.

The next issue is of course doing the work on a spiritual level to make a spiritual relationship work so that it may manifest in the physical. The first step is always to connect to your Higher Self/Soul and then to the Higher Self/Soul of your Twin Flame. It is important for the Higher Selves/Soul to know that you are fully aware that the emotions you are experiencing are soul connected and are only there when the Higher Selves/souls are present with BOTH bodies.

Speaking with anyone who is in a Twin Flame Relationship you will learn that they have had some difficult moments to endure and there were times that they were truly embattled by family, friends and circumstances. There is usually something that interferes, which is usually powered by chaos or negative forces no matter how well meaning they may seem.

The Hurdles to be surmounted are many but the relationship at the end is more than worth the work that must be put into it. My experience over the last twenty years show that if you recognize this relationship and work with the spiritual aspect it does come to fruition. However one must understand this is first and foremost a spiritual relationship that must be nurtured spiritually in order to meet any of the physical expectations that we have for it..

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