Sunday, April 19, 2009

Omraam on Twin-souls

""> Omraam on Twin-souls:
Omraam on Twin-souls:

"Every human being has a twin-soul. When man leapt like a spark from the bosom of his Creator he was two-in-one, and these two parts complemented each other perfectly, each was the others twin.

These two halves became seperated, they took different directions, and they have evolved seperately. If they come to recognize each other at any point in their evolution, it is because each carries the image of the other in the depth of his being, each has put his seal upon the other.

Thus, each carries the image of his twin-soul within. The image may be blurred but it is there. For this reason, everyone who comes to Earth has a vague hope that he will find a soul who will be everything he needs, and that with this soul he will find indescribable harmony and perfect fusion.

Twin-souls complete each other; no other person in the world can so complete them.

Thus, all beings you have met since the beginning of your multiple incarnations, all the husbands and wives you've had, all the lovers or mistresses, have all left you, because they were not for you.
Perhaps you were together for a while, like a pot with a lid that doesn't match. Wheras two Souls whom God has created together are absolutely made one for the other, and nothing can seperate them, truly, they have no fear of being seperated.

In a married couple, when one or the other is AFRAID that someone may 'rob' him of his partner, (and nothing can keep this from happening), it is because that partner is not truly the beloved, not the TRUE beloved, the twin-soul...Twin souls recognize each other with absolute certainty and can never truly leave one another."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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