Sunday, April 5, 2009

Soulmate Runners and Insanity


By Steve Gunn

This story is more common in soul connections than any normal behavior would be. Acting like 2 people, total contradiction and what seems like insanity is the norm.

It's one of the most confusing aspects of soul connections and yet i believe something that makes sense when you consider what's going on at the energy level and what has to happen...

That lovely old word karma, both parties must have undergone their transition, their change, their inner progression. What i strongly believe makes people act in this crazy way is that indeed they do totally want to be with you but something holds them back.

I have made it a point in the research to talk to a lot of runners and most if not all say that something told them they couldn't do it at that time even if they wanted to. That does often come out as "I don't know what i> want"either explicitly or implicitly..

It's also very common to get blamed for coming into their lives and creating this confusion... DUH....yeah that happens a lot. You hear the " I didn't want to be in love" and "you made this happen". All part ofrunner insanity.. >

They feel the immense pull towards you but at the same time there's a strong inner voice telling them they aren't ready. This is at the same soul level as the pull and its working to make them clean-up-their- act, to release old demons, go through the changes that karma dictates and to one day be ready to walk the path.

I hear so many times about how free will is overriding the connection but its not always just that; it's some inner knowing they have that they aren't ready but one day they will be. Often the runner is more confused by these immensely strong and diverse urges than the poor person trying to make sense of what is clearly a form of insanity.... .

It's why i say to people that its often better to understand that dynamics of a situation than what he or she is thinking / feeling right now, because their compass is whirling in circles, and any reading based on where they are is not an indication of what's going to happen.

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop some people projecting the runner's present state into a"prediction" ( i'll just put some more """"" aroundthat ) , hence you can get wildly varying answers depending on who you talk to...

It's going through this process that you will find out one of the big secrets of soul connections; and this is...... Logic won't give you answers... The "If they loved me they would be with me" is as insane as what they're going through..

It's part of the process that usually involves spending the savings on keen to get many different answers, finding out that friends are totally sick of hearing about it and want you to forget the person, and yet that voice inside that's tearing at you just won't quiet.....

This is all part of the learning on the side of the"stayer", often pushing us deeper into true understanding of the human condition, with its complex love, fear, insecurity issues. On the metaphysical front it shows us the true power of the universe when she wants something, and that all the logic in the world does not make sense in situations likethese....

What drives us forward is that inner knowing that just won't go away, and when we can begin to understand there are powers at work much greater than we have previously understood - but that their laws are different to what we know, then we begin to make progress ..

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