Thursday, February 16, 2012

Light and warmth w/your twin flame

Q. I first recognized my twin flame some 34 years ago. Since then much has happened- it was almost like unrequited love. Where I have always loved and he did not appear to return such.
Over the years our paths have taken very different but then again familiar paths. We met up physically a few months ago after a 15 year physical parting – nothing had changed.
However, I was some few weeks ago stood next to him ( not knowing it was he beside me) I felt the most sensational feeling of light and warmth with a feeling of a rope or tie pulling me towards him; when I saw it was he it came as no surprise but I have never experienced this spiritual profound and beautiful feeling before with him. It lasted a few seconds but felt like forever. This was broken when out of the blue a ten year old child standing nearby stated: ‘ she thinks that you are beautiful’ I was mortified at this remark and walked away very embarrassed. Is there an explanation for the feeling? I believe that the other half has only just awakened, my love has always been unconditional. I just know something has changed, if this makes sense? I never thought we would be together in this life but now for some strange reason I know it will happen soon…
A. The connection, the magnetism, the attraction between twin flames is always present, even when you are physically apart from one another. As your paths take different turns, they do bring you into more similar directions, because what you experience on your journey, your twin is also receiving the healing, the growth, the learning, and so much more as you go through your own steps. As you continue to walk your unique journey as you feel guided, you will move deeper in love and co-creation with your twin, which may include a physical reunion if that is in your life plan and soul intention for this lifetime. The clarity of these details will be revealed to you as you continue to move forward, however I would encourage you to stay connected to your intuitive nudges and feelings that come to you, for those are signs for you to remember what your soul chose to create, on your own and in collaboration with your twin as well as others that come along.
It is absolutely ok, more than ok really, even essential, for the expression of love to be shared with the twin flame. It is only fear that would create hesitancy for your feelings and your love to be expressed to your twin, as in the little girl saying what she said. Since you are so deeply connected to your twin and your twin is the clearest mirror for you, of who you are reflecting your essence back to you, then when you feel the love for your twin and see the beauty within him, you acknowledge this love and beauty within yourself, increasing the love you feel for both your twin and yourself. This love truly is limitless and constantly grows as you move through your relationships, experiences, creations. Enjoy each moment and let each moment guide you as to what next steps to take.
The word “soon” can get you caught up in the attachment to a specific time frame for your union in all ways, and I advise you to release the expectation and the attachment to a limitation placed on when this will happen. The perception of “soon” from the mind versus feeling from the heart are two completely different spaces. Make sure that you don’t fall into this, because all disappointments come from attaching to specific details. There does need to be a constant surrender to the flow in each moment, for each moment brings to you exactly what is necessary for preparation and guidance towards your complete immersion within the one heart of you and your twin. You move deeper into this one heart of unconditional love by seeing, feeling, believing, acting and loving from this profoundly deep space of experiencing love in everyone and everything. Enjoy this journey as the rewards are beyond description.
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