Friday, January 20, 2012

Twin flame crisis?

 Twin flame crisis?

 Twin flame crisis?

.... what we need to remember when managing twin flame experience is that twins are both highly evolved beings of love with a joint soul, yet they are also complete opposite polarities of the same frequency which is why there is such a magnetic love pull.

Twin flames relationships do bring up from within each other the deepest darkest unconscious soul wounds which are embedded within cellular memory from previous incarnations . These soul wounds are usually dramatically and excruciatingly painfully played out within the relationship dynamics before coming into full conscious awareness, then transmuted by the pure unconditional love channelled from the joint I AM presence.

The aim is to...
... work together and individually to bring harmony and neutrality into the relationship
... balance the opposite polarities within the relationship
... balance the Male Female aspects of relationship
...bring light into the shadows of selves and each other
...let go of conditioned belief systems of how relationships should work
... learn effective communication
...and surrender the ego.

So often one or the other of the twin flames seems to run. It may seem this way yet it is a necessary part of the healing and transformational process. When this happens let go, and keep in mind the bigger picture that in a genuine twin flame relationship the magnetic love will always facilitate reunion.

Service to Source and Mother Earth is so often part of the journey together and as individuals because the connection to source after transcending ego is phenomenal so the light and healing emanation from both twins is highly amplified!
Written and shared in Divine Love

Love and blessings 
♥ MM ♥
Melanie Moore Ph.D.

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