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Twin Flame Heart Harmonic

by TWIN FLAME SACRED KEYS on Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 2:34am
 Deep within the well of the Soul lies the most beautiful song you could ever hear - the song of your own signature love and vibration. Since the time of the birth of your Soul, as an extension of Love from the Creator, you have expressed a pulse, a vibration that is your own signature song. Once your Soul extended itself into a female and male polarity, commonly referred to as a twin Soul or twin ray extension, you created then a perfect mirror and, what is called the "Twin Flame Heart Harmonic". What is a harmonic? Well, in musical terms, a harmonic is what is created when two sound waves come together in unison and create a third wave or pulse. 
This third wave or pulse is like the power of the saying 'When two or more are gathered in The Name" or "The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts". The two perfect mirrors, or twin Souls, have held this harmonic since birth in the higher realms and dimensions closest to the Union with One. 
At this time on the planet, preparations are being made on the Earthplane to anchor in not only your own personal twin flame vibrations, as a whole unit unto yourself, but in addition, the grid is being prepared to anchor in a 3D-5D Twin Flame Heart Harmonic. Remember that the Earth grid is founded on pulse and sound vibration. All filaments of Light, the web of creation, is a continual pulse. If you had the right equipment you could actually hear a symphony being played from all of the independent songs joining together in unison.
 But what of the ascension?
In order for planet Earth to ascend the Twin Flame Heart Harmonic must be anchored in. This is not only for the human species realm, but all of the animal, plant and mineral realms must, in addition, anchor in these harmonics for all is weaved together on the Earth grid. When the two Heart chakras of true Twin Souls come together on the Earthplane, an "entrainment" occurs. This entrainment is the anchoring of the Twin Flame Heart Harmonic onto the Earth grid. At that instant, the harmonic starts to pulse through the grid creating a spontaneous shift in the collective consciousness of the planet.
When many true twin Soul couples gather, each with their own harmonic, these harmonics will join to create a 'Super Harmonic" and the planet will be in Bliss!!
 An exercise to bring in your Twin Flame Heart Harmonic One may simply go into a meditative state within the Sacred Heart and ask to bring in the harmonic into your Heart chakra. This will be subtle. Imagine the pulse of the harmonic expanding out from your Heart center, into your merkaba, and into the very cells of your physical body. Breathe in and out the pulse of the Twin Flame Heart Harmonic. Once you connect with your twin in the physical, you will inevitably create the entrainment that will uplift your vibration a thousand fold.
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