Saturday, November 12, 2011

Twin Flame Read - One for The Guys / Masculine Counterparts. . .

 Twin Flame Read - One for The Guys / Masculine Counterparts. . .

Whilst us women struggle to reclaim our Divine feminity on an emotional level, the men are seriosuly struggling with something they are mostly clueless about which seems to be effecting them on a very physical level in many ways. Alot of the men are now "manning up" as they step from the boy energy of attention seeking and neediness and look back at their own behaviour and attitudes towards women and realise (with no judgment this is just a statement of learnt behaviours) that they have been very wrapped up in themselves and not doing their part due to fear, ego concerns and the like. Due to the 11.11.11 gateway and the blast of Source energy the light is being shed on all the bullcrap in our lives as what we thought to be true about ourselves and the world dissolves and the one true reality reveals a very very different nature and story underneath. Once revealed of course we know where we stand and can ACT with integrity and truth on feelings that are our own and not based on the input and programming of others.

Soooo. . . onto the reading for the guys for tonight / now.

The Swan - A massive transformation is occuring now in a way that no longer can be denied. Once you wonderful men stop struggling and cease to keep yourselves where you are (ie - stuck) you will be catapulted into your new lives and full force and quite dramatically. If you are not conciously aware of this you could be in for a shock rather than a suprise! Alot of you maybe behaving out of character, balking against people trying to control you no matter how subtle. The smallest thing may trigger a massive response. Anger, rage, bitterness, grief are all coming up to be acknowledged, felt and released again and this time in a way you will take notice and act upon.

Spider - Creative Projects. - Now is a good time to look at wrapping up old projects and starting new ones. Pay attention to detail, make sure everything is finished to your satisfaction or just walk away and leave it alone.

The novice - There is a fresh start here, the feeling of being new and complete and ready and raring to go. It seems the masculine side is preparing them physically for a new journey and adventure, and one they are finally ready to undertake.

Truth - I feel here they have what they need in front of them now, and these guys need only walk over the bridge we feminine twins have laid down for them securely to come claim what is rightfully theirs.

Restriction - There is a need for rest here, and keeping things away from the eyes of the world for a while. Seclusion maybe indicated, but this is best taken where possible WITH your twin.

The Mystery - The universe is divinely timing and setting up the circumstances for the men/masculine to come forward in quite unexpected ways. We weren't to know about the how until the last minute so we couldn't interfere and get in the way Lol! The more aware men / masculine may have actually been planning themselves on how to get to their twins for quite some time and just waiting for the "right moment" to strike.

The Lady of The Lake - The men / masculine are now facing the ultimate truth - who THEY really are, and then in that they will find the courage to take responsibility for the role they have chosen as part of the twin flame re-union.Many have fought this for along time, but what is is what must be and the absolute truth is, if you chose to come here as part of a twin flame soul, then you chose all that comes with it.

Fear - Well kudos to the masculine counterparts for facing / being forced to face their biggest fears that whilst challenging will wake them up to who they are and help define for them their true nature. In the light of day the fear will dissolve and they will realise the only thing that held them back from being themselves was the belief of the fears they held.

The King - Woo Hoo! This is the men / masculine stepping into their FULL DIVINE MASCULINE SEXUAL ENERGY AND POWER!!! They are literally taking the throne of power and being the "MEN" they were born to be. Authority and a real sense of power which is wielded in a just and gentle way exudes from them as they allow themselves to be comfortable and even enjoy being "real men".


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