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Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Relationships
Twin Flames have also been referred to as original light, energy doubles, twin rays, twin hearts, divine complements, and twin souls. For the purpose of this article, though, I will refer to the twin flame and twin flame relationship.

The twin flame relationship is one of the highest forms of relationship there is to manifest at this time. It can also be the most challenging as our twin flame is the mate of our being that is our authentic self as Soul. The twin flame relationship operates from the "Light of Oneness" which encompasses what is perceived as both good and bad shadow aspects of who we are. This relationship offers the biggest arena for our creative expression to manifest if we are able to receive it.

Our twin flame will reflect this hidden shadow element to us more closely showing us where we are off center. If we are off center our twin flame will also be off center in the same area but may not consciously know it. How much the twin flames have integrated their "Soul Light design" with their physical being will determine how long they will be able to maintain a relationship with each other in the same physical environment. There is much that goes on within more hidden levels of relationships that can impact this relationship in the physical realm as well.

We are all souls that step down a portion of our energy into a human form for a unique purpose. In the case of twin flames they have the same electronic blueprint that is very much linked with their Soul's purpose. It is like the twin flames are viewing the same vision for manifestation and integrating it, one from the perspective of woman and one from the perspective of man.

Each has the complementary piece for what the other requires for healing any wounds they may have as well as any work they do in the world. Because they have the same electronic blueprint any process they go through is usually synchronistic whether they are in the same physical environment or across the planet never having physically met before.

When twin flames integrate more of their Soul light design within their physical being, they are like simultaneous explosions of light impacting the rest of the planet as the electromagnetic energy generated from their hearts operates within a unified field.

Exposed in the throes of love's hurricane this love radiates through many dimensions as they are so aligned that they do relationship differently than most others do. They communicate and work together on many layers of consciousness. As Souls, traversing many dimensions as complements, they are feeding the relationship with each other all the time. They dont need to physically be together in the same environment in order to have impact on each other. They don't even have to know who each other for this to occur for the communication occurs at a Soul level.

This is a relationship that "lands" in divine timing. When twin flames meet, having already made the connection with their soul, if they are actively integrating their purpose, there is a recognition that goes beyond language and personality. This is because this is a relationship that does not have to do romance first in order to get to true love.

Twin Flame love is ignited as a sacred marriage between their soul and personality. When they come more into balance with this sacred marriage within themselves they bring a depth of healing and awareness that is quite profound in the impact it has on humanity through many dimensions of space time.

Stripped of their ego defences and karmic patterning any pretending falls away as there fails to be anything that can be hidden in this relationship. They naturally facilitate wholeness. They are whole unto themselves. In that wholeness they are like springboards for each other bringing forward theirs gifts to humanity.

At the highest levels in service this fails to be a relationship where one or the other will dominate in the relationship. Each is a leader in their own right having established a complementary foundation throughout their life for the work they do in the world. When twin flames ignite their passion together they are a very magnetic force of light on the planet. They become each other's greatest champions in service to each other and everyone that comes into contact with them. When people think of having the ultimate soulmate relationship, the Twin Flame relationship is the one they are actually referring to.
In the past, conscious twin flame relationships have been rare. We are now in the times though, where the doors are opened for twin flame relationships to manifest more consciously on a much larger scale.

The Twin Flames are leaders in evolving the consciousness in multi-dimensional relationships on the planet. This divine alliance is awakening inner technologies that facilitate more conscious communication between them, even from a distance. Conscious telepathic communication between twin flames is awakening in the twin flame future now. The alignment within the patterns of their Soul Light Design when integrated as a man and a woman on the earth sends ripples across the planet touching all life on earth through all directions of space time.

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