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2012 - Twin Flame Reunions and Ascension - Gabriella Hartwell
Q. 2012 is said to be the time of ascension. Does it mean that twinsouls incarnated here will be reunited in the physical now? We are already united spiritually, so, does that mean that this spiritual union is sufficient for planet ascension? If so, why physical incarnation together during this time? Can you expand on this? True to what is said I became aware of the twin soul concept only in 2011 and after that my spiritual connection with my twin has deepened. What else should we do besides going with the divine flow?
A. All co-creations with the twin flame prepare the oneness of all that is for ascension – not only those reunions in the physical. Many twin flame couples will be coming together physically this year of 2012 for the purpose of SHOWING the collective the VISION of true divine, eternal unconditional twin flame love beyond the words and the feelings. However, all combinations of twin flame unions (male/male, female/female, male/female) and all ways of uniting/co-creating, whether it be in full physical union or even spiritual union are powerful. The reason why the other unions are essential as well is to bring the collective awareness into the truth that we are connected way beyond the direct communication, that we can love beyond the minds capacity for knowing or planning, that we are so much more than our human selves for we are beyond the tangible, physical matter of these bodies.
Twin flame unions are essential in bringing the healing of separation into the full vibration of union. Therefore, there will be many twins who are same sex couples coming together, one in spirit/one in human form, big gaps in age difference, difference of religion, and geographical distances. There will also be some twins that have soul mate relationships while also sharing direct connection with the twin, and this allows for all parties involved to have unconditional love for the happiness of the twin in that other relationship as love is extended to all parties, increasing the love between them all. All love shared is love shared with all. We are truly meant to see the foundations of separation that we have been living in, to bring light to it and to surpass it by expanding our heart and bringing it into the vibration of unconditional love. Anything that we have placed limitation or separation (differences) upon will be united so that we can see it, feel it, and remember what union truly is. Union is love, unconditional deep, eternal true love in the heart of each of us, which is enhanced by the awareness and recognition of the twin, in whatever form the twin is and whatever way your union and co-creation will manifest. Whether or not your union with your twin will include the physical depends on your souls intention and mission in this lifetime.
What else to do other than go with the divine flow? Be you – bring your passion into the world – listen to your guidance in each moment, which is why being in the flow is so important – see love underlying every experience, every challenge, every relationship…for as you do this, you ascend into the higher vibration of union and love, as this brings you into a deeper alignment with your twin flame as your hearts expansion happens at the same frequency as your twin. All of these steps are bringing us together on a massive scale of oneness and it’s powerful!
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  1. sleeping beauty Says:
    Dearest Gabriella,
    there are no words to express my gratitide to you. Your service is great and i wish you all success in all that you do and all that you want. As you have suggested,I now listen to guidance from my twin flame.I strongly feel that the mutual passion for us is to share our love with each other in all ways and many pointers keep telling me the “outcome is assured”.The How’s and Wherefore’s i leave it to the Universe.In the meantime, handling this longing, pain and loneliness is the challenge and i pray to God and all in the spiritual realms to help all struggling twin flamesTthank you Gabriella for your intuiteveness and guidance. I shall keep following your blog regularly.

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