Friday, September 2, 2011

Pleiadian Love, Marriage, and Twin Flames

First, understand that the past, present, and future are simultaneous and can all be accessed. Many times things are explained as the way things are, but they are not explained in relation to timelines and how things are different in different timelines. I know that the Pleiadians (at least the planet I know about) had a timeline that was sort of like the 60s here on Earth where people changed partners and marriage was very unstructured and changing for some of the peoples (not all). It was not promiscuity in our typical view of the phenomenon. Pleiadians are known for their great love for one another. But it created a problem which manifested as a dwindling population and unstable families, so further along the timeline, they abandoned those ways and most, although not all, choose to stay chaste until marriage. Marriage is still completely a private decision between the couple on this timeline, and is simply chosen. No marriage licenses or permissions, etc., are required. The couple simply chooses to be husband and wife and consummate their love. Pleiadians are completely sovereign in their personal decision making, although because of their love, their decisions do consider other community members.

However, on this newer (or more future) timeline there are options to have marriages sanctioned by the Pleiadian High Council (and each planet has their own High Council with sub-councils). There are political reasons for this, although they are for the benefit of the peoples, not to their detriment and it in no way represents a hierarchy. It would be difficult to explain the philosophical basis behind this but I will do that another time. Typically, the couples most concerned with this sanctioning want to serve their people.

Further along the timeline the Universal High Council (which not many earthlings even seem to know about) sanctions marriages - thus, they can potentially have triple sanctioning (personal, Pleiadian High Council, and the Universal High Council). Technology allows couples to test their "energy match" - that is, if a couple decide to marry, it can be shown if they are a true match (what people on earth call "twin flames," but in reality there are multiple good matches in terms of energy).

Twin flames on earth are simply couples whose energies match up (like a lock and key), are already married further along the timeline and have come back in time to assist with this intervention on earth. So what we have is, Pleiadian sanctioning is basically just the community saying, yes, we honor your marriage and your choice. It is not too difficult to get sanctioning at that level, unless there is some mitigating reason it would not be approved. It is very difficult to get Universal sanctioning because there has to be the energy match - which confirms that the couple is divine, God-ordained, and true cosmic partners.

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