Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twin Souls/Twin Flames


The circle with the word "SOUL" in it depicts one Monad from one of the Soul Groups containing 144,000 Monads. Each of these Monads in the "Soul Group" contains a total of 144 individuals. Each Monad divided into 12 branches which are called "Oversoul Souls". Then each "Oversoul Soul" broke down into 6 sets of twin souls or flames. Upon the final descent into matter, each of the six sets made the final and very painful separation into male and female twin souls or flames.  You and your twin soul or twin flame together are one of these pairs of 6 in your primary soulmate group. The other 5 sets of twins in your primary soulmate group are known as your "near twins". Since each Monad, as depicted above, contains 144 individuals in total, the other 132 outside of your primary soulmate group in your Monad are known as your secondary soulmates.

Sometimes when one meets a "near twin" in life, they can easily mistake them for the one and only true twin soul or twin flame. However, if the one and only true twin soul or flame steps into the picture eventually, the confusion is readily cleared up because there is no mistaking the true twin flame. Your intuition will let you know in no uncertain terms. There is a feeling of spiritual love and awareness unmatched by any other love you may have felt in the past.

Upon ascension, we again begin to reunite with our brothers and sisters.  According to Kushi, "upon becoming human, we then start to return to Infinity, through an outward-moving spiral of decomposition and spiritualization, melting personal and individual entities and once again achieving union with the Eternal One or Source".  We become one with our Source or God again and from what I understand there is not greater joy for us to experience. We as humans cannot even begin to comprehend this level of joy!

St. Germain explains ascension as a process of moving further up back through the hierarchies and dimensions until we eventually reach the source again. The first step is to realign with our twin souls, then the individuals in our primary soulmate group a.k.a. "near twins" and the remaining 11 secondary soulmate groups in our Monads, etc. In a channeled message through Paul Yandeau entitled "St. Germain on Himself, Soul Groups, etc.", from Spiritual, St. Germain states that "as members of a Monad take on greater Light in their mastery of remembrance, they contribute to the Soul Group's greater Light in its mastery of remembrance, and as the Soul Group evolves in taking on greater Light, it too, takes on greater amounts of Light to evolve in its mastery of remembrance".

As more and more soulmate constellations begin to reunite, through the process of spiritualization, we will continue to ascend back up through the hierarchies and dimensions until we all reach the source again, the highest dimension of all and the state of perfection. St. Germain also tells us that if all of the universal truths and knowledge were made known to our finite human minds at one time rather than gradually, "our finite human minds would blow a fuse". Therefore, spirit gives us the pieces of truths that we can handle and once we integrate these into our consciousnesses, further truths are revealed to us. This is a never ending process until we once again reach the state of perfection.  Our planet will be experiencing a huge evolutionary leap in consciousness in this New Age. Our planet as a whole will be ascending from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension. The Mayans predicted this end of the old reality as we know it to commence on December 21, 2012. Their calendar ends on that date.

Edgar Cayce has prophesied that by the end of this New Age of Aquarius, we will be a completely telepathic civilization. This is a 5th dimensional state of being.  Many light workers are currently in the process of ascending and they in turn will help others to ascend. As we enter this new Age of Aquarius, also known as the "enlightened era", these ancient truths will be coming back into the light and out of the darkness. Many twin souls are beginning to align with their counterparts as well as their higher selves. This process is currently underway. however, it is just in the beginning stages. We will be returning to our pre-fall state when we were one with our spiritual twins and our higher selves and had full consciousness and awareness of our spiritual identities.

This is the plan that the higher forces have for our planet in this new age. We will be entering a "New Reality". But this will not happen overnight. This is a process and not an actual event. It is gradual but inevitable.  It is important to point out that it may not be the plan for you to realign with your twin soul in this particular lifetime. This is determined by divine timing and the plan for your individual twin set. Your twin may not even be incarnated on the earth plane at this point in linear time. Or your twin may be a child or even a baby somewhere on the earth plane. Your twin could even already be in the ascended state in a higher dimension, waiting for you to join them. There are no cut and dry situations when it comes to twin souls. However, any spiritual work to align with their higher selves that either twin does will naturally "elevate" the other and this will help to expedite their eventual reunion. Rest assured that you will be reunited with your twin in divine timing. Twin souls are eternally connected to one another by a silvery/blue cord which can NEVER be severed. We are also connected to our higher selves by a similar silver cord which is attached to our crown chakra.

There is another reason that Twin souls are coming together at this particular point in our earth's evolution. According to Dr. Maurie Pressman and Patricia Joudry in their groundbreaking book, "Twin Souls, Finding Your True Spiritual Partner", "it is believed by many that humanity is on the brink of a quantum leap in consciousness. Enlightened people are preparing themselves for this in their own ways, realizing it is time for us to awaken to our origins and our potential and take responsibility for ourselves and for the earth. We believe that twin souls have a special contribution to make; their coming together in numbers at this time has a reason at both the individual and planetary level. When twin souls join, they generate a vortex of energy that may be seen as a light in the darkness of society's unconsciousness.
In completing each other, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts: the two create three, and the third is a very potent force, a force of light and love at an extremely pure level. This kind of energy, which partakes of the energy of both twins, is different from that of individuals or even groups of people working together. It is the special offering that the twins have to give to each other and expend in service to humanity. The image we see is that of a dark auditorium lit by an increasing number of individual flames. Each flame represents the conscious and harmonious relationship between twin souls. Eventually, as the twins multiply, there will be so many flames, so much light, and so much energy of that particular sort on the planet that this will act as a catalyst and help to bring about the expected breakthrough of consciousness".

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