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The Eagle and The Condor

Thought I'd share this review of the book:
The Eagle and the Condor: A true story of an unexpected mystical journey; by
Jonette Crowley.

Prophecy says that when the Eagle of the north and the Condor of the South fly together, there will be peace on Earth. I believe this has happened; but I do know that things happen in the etheric before manifesting here in 3D.

I personally also believe this represents what I, and many others, came here to do; that is reuniting w/our twinflame here on planet earth; having completed the total merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

I'm going to share a wee bit from this book: page 241 -
'Our Part of the Prophecy'

'On that Dec. day, I claimed the power of the feminine force of the planet. W/the searing divine flow racing through me, I became the Eagle. Mallku stood as proxy for the universal masc. force, holding it in his name - the Condor or Mallku.'

'Just the two of us, w/o fanfare, equal masters in different worlds performed a ritual in a way we couldn't have planned and will probably never understand.
We did our part to fuse together North and South; female and male, the Eagle and the Condor.'

ReviewAs a bookstore owner for over 15 years, I have been asked to read scores of manuscripts and newly published books. The "Eagle and the Condor: A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey" is one that has deeply touched and excited me. The author has three major elements in her favor.

First, as a clairvoyant and world traveler, by almost any standard, she leads a fascinating life. Second, divine synchronicity seems to follow her around, dropping magical events onto her path. Lastly, she is a gifted writer, who is able to communicate the mystical with the humor and pathos of everyday life. Add the ingredients of a monastery high in the Himalayas, a Sun Disc hidden near Lake Titicaca in the Andes, legends from the lost continent of Lemuria, and a Peruvian shaman who she finds is her soul's Twin Flame, and you have the foundation for a remarkable book.

The fact that every word of it is true makes it such a compelling read that you won't be able to put it down, and you'll be sad when you finally turn the last page. This is a book that will rise to the top --Sharalynn A. RochaThe "Eagle and the Condor" gives insight into the modern path of spiritual initiation, and beckons the reader to look inside to embrace his or her own Soul greatness. The author is an accidental mystic, a businesswoman, who finds herself part of the unfolding of an Incan prophecy that says when the Eagle of the north and the Condor of the south fly together, there will be peace on Earth. Her description of meeting her Twin Flame, an Andean shaman, is deeply authentic and illuminating. Crowley is a master storyteller.

You feel that you are on the trail with her in the Himalayas and the Andes. It is one of those books that is hard to put down, because it touches you deeply on three levels. First, it is a compelling, true story of mystical events, ancient wisdom, and adventure travel. You can enjoy it simply for the pure fascination of the tale and the quality of the writing.

Second, helpful insights and nuggets of wisdom for spiritual growth emerge from nearly every page. Finally, some of the meditations and details of the actual spiritual initiations are included so that the reader can experience an energetic expansion in her own consciousness. The book is a catalyst for spiritual growth. It is destined to become a word-of-mouth bestseller. --Karin RosenbergYou are immediately engrossed in the true story of an American woman who, in her world travels, gets surprised by unexplainable mystical experiences. While hiking through Australia, she "sees" a Spirit Woman on the trail. In a meditation class in Sydney, she is approached by a spirit named "White Eagle," who becomes her special guide. With a strong sense of curiosity and the love of adventure, the author, Jonette Crowley, seems to attract the extraordinary.

A Native American elder shows up at her suburban Denver home to tell her of the prophecy of the unification of the Eagle of the north with the Condor of South America. Weeks later, she travels to Peru to discover other legends, one about a sacred Incan Sun Disc hidden in a sacred monastery.

With the help of an Andean shaman, whose name means "The Condor," she unexpectedly accesses sacred knowledge of the Incas and pre-Incan cultures. The real power of this book, beyond the incredible and well-told journey, is that the author shares with the reader the intimate, step-by-step knowledge and keys of ancient initiations that come to her. The story and the story telling are superb.

The fast pace and humor make it a book that people won't want to put down. Crowley gives a human face to the mystical. The Eagle and the Condor provides many spiritual answers, yet leaves the reader with a deep sense of wonder and the sense that there are more mysteries than we will ever know. It will be among the classics in spiritual and metaphysical books. --Jim Dunne Product Description

A true story that brings the reader along on an unexpected path of spiritual initiation. In courageous travels through Australia, the Himalayas and the Andes, the author accidentally discovers past lives, spirit guides, and a surprisingly personal connection to Native American and Incan myths. An entertaining, mystical journey filled with spiritual wisdom and told with humor. It gives meditations and energy initiations that provide a roadmap for the reader's own spiritual growth.

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