Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rare Cosmic Alignment Open Unique Window for Soulmate Reunions

This arrived at 12:12 = cosmic connection; which is very significant.

Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009, 12:12 PM

Rare Cosmic Alignment Opens Unique Window for Soulmate Reunions

For those who've been receiving the message of impending soulmate reunions, now is the time to bring your full focus to this intention. In coming times, ever greater numbers of soulmate reunions will help hasten the transition to the New Time on planet Earth. Certain planetary configurations are now clearing the way for ever greater numbers of soulmate reunions to take place.

While it is always possible through aligned intention to unite with a soulmate in physical reality, "windows of probability" over the next two months offer unique opportunities. At this moment, cosmic planetary cycles are aligned to open energetic paths for soulmate reunions. Those of you who have been receiving the vision to join with a soulmate in physical reality are able to step inside the doorway of this cosmic alignment to magnify and accelerate its manifestation. This cosmic doorway is created by a rare and mystical union of Mars and Venus through mid-July. Jupiter strengthens and supports this doorway of opportunity in its sojourn through Aquarius, paving the way for visions to manifest.

To make fullest use of this window of probability, go within to affirm your highest intentions for a soulmate reunion. See how uniting with a soulmate will serve the highest good for you, your soulmate, and all others. Bring your focus to how this reunion will allow both you and your soulmate to step more fully into the understanding of your spiritual purpose and its fulfillment.

Another step is to strengthen the bridge between your conscious and subconscious minds. This communion between your physical and spiritual realities allows you to harmonize your inner soulmates. Your conscious and subconscious minds are your "inner soulmates." When these come into alignment, a soulmate is able to come into your life to mirror this inner alignment to you. This is in accordance with the Law of Attraction: like attracts like. You draw to you what you are.

There are many good techniques to help you align your "inner soulmates." One of the best is working with your dreams. This includes writing down your dreams and interpreting their meaning each day. This begins a dialogue with your higher self that over time strengthens the bridge between your physical world and the world of your spirit. As you become telepathic to your higher self, the bridge to your spirit is naturally strengthened through everything you do.

Working with the symbols that show up in your life is another way to strengthen this connection. You can take everything that happens in your waking world and interpret it as you would a dream symbol. This brings awareness to the "subtext" of your physical reality and points to deeper levels of meaning that pool beneath the outer trappings of your life like underground streams.

When you have established clear intentions for a soulmate reunion and taken steps to strengthen the bridge to your higher self, you're ready to meet with a soulmate in consciousness. To undertake this journey, you will work closely with your magical helper -- your imagination.

All that you seek to bring into your life to arrives through the doorway of your imagination. Ask your magical helper to take you on a journey to your inner temple where you will meet with a soulmate in consciousness. See this journey unfold on the screen of your imagination. Your first meeting with your soulmate is not unlike a first meeting in physical reality.

After a first meeting in consciousness, your connection is able to strengthen through subsequent roundezvous in your inner temple. To prepare for these meetings, you can tune in the vision of your temple, enhancing and beautifying it. You are creator of this beautiful setting.

You can create breathtaking vistas overlooking turquoise ocean waters and white sand beaches; you can create enchanting rain forests and cascading waterfalls. This is your world and your vision.

Each time you meet with a soulmate in consciousness, you are able to merge your energies and strengthen your connection. In time, this growing connection is able to manifest into your physical reality.

Each step you take during this doorway of soulmate connection will be magnified and enhanced by the cosmic energies of love and reunion through mid-July.
Thanks to co-author, Peter Phalam, trancechannel and Campanus astrologer specializing in soulmate astrology.

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